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Inside Outside

Garden adjacent to the glass facade of a private residence. The challenge was to create a garden that will be associated with the interior of the living room, which will become its extension, will allow you to commune with nature. Greenery must fulfill aesthetic roles, but also block the view from the street, so that the residents have a sense of privacy inside the home. The central location of the window means that the garden must be interesting during the 4 seasons. In addition, in summer, the plants must give shade, and in the winter allow sunlight to the interior of the dining room.

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Lianfa Jade Mansion in Hangzhou

Design Concept Reconstructing a brand new style of the space with modern approach, the design blends the clear and refined ancient rhyme into the elegant space, creating a poetic atmosphere as described in the Chinese poetry from Tang Dynasty, “Your villa lies in a deep seluded gloom, who won't be a hermit in your room?”

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Urban Farm

The urban farm was developed based around its functional requirements. The classroom, which was strategically located to avoid the interrupting the facade from ground level, required the only structure. This structure was placed in position to maximize sun shading in the hottest months. Circulation and other functions were then placed around the axis created by this multifunctional class area. The idea was to simply superimpose the traditional stagnant farm grid with the best angle for sun protection and discover how they would interact.

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The Canopy

The civic nature of the project is the starting point for design creativity, moving from management to service, and the role of buildings and squares in the Administrative Service center is changing subtly. The Square maintains the order and image of the administrative space to meet the public's understanding of administrative public management. Through the grid of the tree array to define the overall sense of order in space. The staggered boundary and scale refinement area of the grid becomes the main place of stay and activity, forming a "living room" in the life of the citizen.

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Humble Harmony

The project involved the development of a master plan for the entire educational campus including the buildings and internal spaces. The starting point was site selection. Urban planning and environmental assessment considerations meant the site was in a commercial district. The challenge then was to create a distinction between the school spaces and the commercial model while integrating the spatial planning of the two. The design of the building drew on the spirit of the Confucian scholars by organizing the school and commercial/office areas along the "Tai Chi" model.

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The resort with tropical elegance seems to grow from the emerald mound. CONVOLO is more than a pool but an entirely new sector which coexists peacefully with the natural landscape. It is a vital place connecting with nature, human interaction and sustainable development. The concrete and lawn give the terrace a clean-cut parallel and bring up the concept of separation from CONVOLO. The surround landscape and material perpendicular structure which reflected the gathering in CONVOLO.

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