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Poly Moonlight Bay

Nowadays, urban development is altering the natural environments and human being is surrounded by the verticality of various buildings. The project concerns the missed relationship between humans and nature. It tries to connect its inhabitants to the city but let them have a break from daily urban life. It contains the user and takes him/her to different levels of depth through space while aiming to reinterpret the traditional Chinese garden typology in terms of the relationship between architecture and nature and at the same time characterizing it with contemporary design ideas.

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Riverside Study

The building was transformed from a warehouse to a study. In order to achieve creativity and integrity of the project, the design team takes into account the architecture, terrain and light, and extracts the design elements from the school badge and the red brick building, as well as from the form of natural growth of the plant. The interior and exterior spaces are strikingly beautiful under the natural conditions of site.

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Donde Cloud Valley

Inspired by the noble image of deer, the deer themed installations are used to welcome visitors. The irregular cut surface combined with the reflective mirror material makes these elves the finishing touch of the whole space. Adhering to the integrated design of landscape and architecture, the building form and volume have been maximized. The building is both a place for social interaction and a landscape itself, completely abandoning the monotony of traditional landscape logic.

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The challenge consisted in modernizing an old country house and turns it into a realm of peace and quiet, comprehensively working both on the architectural and landscape areas. The facade was renewed, civil work was did on the pavings and the swimmimg pool and retaining walls were built, creating new forge ironworks for the archways, walls and fences. Gardening, irrigation and the reservoir, as well as lightning, furniture and accessories were also comprehensively delt with.

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Poly Tianhuan

Inspired by traditional Chinese garden typology the project tries to re-generate the characteristics of the Chinese garden into a contemporary design. It aims to create the artificial green hills in the city emphasizing multidimensionality of a generative landscaping system where undulating topographic changes and curvilinearity of the surfaces engenders similar qualities with a purely natural environment. The landscape is designed in a way to be a mediation between inside and outside while expanding itself into the interior maximizing the connectivity between interior and exterior space.

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La Chapelle HQ

Shanghai la chapelle clothing co., LTD. is a multi-brand private clothing chain retail enterprises, mainly engaged in independent clothing design, outsourcing production, brand promotion and direct sales; La Chapelle headquarter is located in the south Lianhua road in Shanghai , covers an area of 41860 square meters. The project was inspired by 'sakura' element. The whole project took the landscape design team three months time to finish the overall design. The design is elegant and beautiful. It achieved the balance between building and Landscape

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