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Shimao Loong Palace

Loong Palace draws on the painting Fairyland of Peach Blossoms by the painter Qiu Ying in the Ming Dynasty for the context. It covers about 17,000 square meters and faces the Western Hills of Beijing. Adhering to the product proposition of cultural relics begets all things in the world, the project becomes a new landscape combined with the pith of southern and northern gardens to realize the ideal living environment for modern people.

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The design of the entire project speaks and reflects the aura of cultural heritage. The design elements which are native to Gujarat, like step well,have been used in the planning of this vast landscape. The entrance of the club house has been ornamented with a stone carved fountain which majestically welcomes all the guests. The entire landscape is designed in a way to elevate the beauty of the club house. Every step taken in this area, makes one feel connected to the Indian culture & heritage.

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The overall design of the space is like a leisure world crafted within stones being in harmony with nature. Using nature at its best, this space provides a man-made structure with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The spaces designed are named after stones. Water elements, themed plantations adds on feeling of interest and leisure in play of built and unbuilt spaces.

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Poly Moonlight Bay

Nowadays, urban development is altering the natural environments and human being is surrounded by the verticality of various buildings. The project concerns the missed relationship between humans and nature. It tries to connect its inhabitants to the city but let them have a break from daily urban life. It contains the user and takes him/her to different levels of depth through space while aiming to reinterpret the traditional Chinese garden typology in terms of the relationship between architecture and nature and at the same time characterizing it with contemporary design ideas.

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U Cube

Following the design philosophy of removing complexity and keeping simplicity, the design team made the small scaled streets a beautiful and practical office landscape by using minimal elements, futuristic design techniques, and exquisite details. Strolling along the red wall in the street, or walking through the lush green park, the clean walls and futuristic lights are just like the gravitational black hole, which seize the sight at the first moment.

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Riverside Study

The building was transformed from a warehouse to a study. In order to achieve creativity and integrity of the project, the design team takes into account the architecture, terrain and light, and extracts the design elements from the school badge and the red brick building, as well as from the form of natural growth of the plant. The interior and exterior spaces are strikingly beautiful under the natural conditions of site.

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