Jacksam Yang's Woods Casting Residential

Jacksam Yang Demonstrates The Woods Casting Residential

Jacksam Yang, the designer of the awarded project Residential by Jacksam Yang says, In a long stretched space, horizontal axis extends throughout every facade and windows of the house. In addition, a refined metal sliding door redefines the boundary <Cropped>

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Bookshelf by Alessandra Meacci

Alessandra Meacci Spotlights The Dharma Bookshelf

Alessandra Meacci, the project leader of the highlighted project Bookshelf by Alessandra Meacci spells out, Dharma is a bookshelf with “green” heart. Designed to divide spaces, it is thought to grow climbers among modules:the end user can custo <Cropped>

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Bench by Milica Maric

Milica Maric Spotlights The Puff Bench

Milica Maric, the designer of the highlighted work Puff - Bench by Milica Maric illustrates, Puff bench is made of oak. Seen from above, it consists of two rounds of the same or different colors that connect the wooden part. Oak is finely laminate <Cropped>

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Office Desk by Mohamed Sherif

Mohamed Sherif Shows The Art Nouveau Desk Office Desk

Mohamed Sherif, the author of the highlighted design Art Nouveau Desk by Mohamed Sherif spells out, Art Nouveau Desk is a masterpiece that has been created from different types of reflected arts from different eras. The desk is produced of massive ha <Cropped>

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Sbid Interior Design Student Competition: Get Me 2 The Top 2019

Sbid’s Get Me 2 The Top Student Competition Was Developed to Find Talented First-and Second-year Design Students, Offering The Opportunity to Win 3-month Internships At Leading London-based Design Studios

Sbid’s get me 2 the top student competition was developed to find talented first- and second-year design students, offering the opportunity to win 3-month internships at leading london-based design studios..

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Qiang Kang and Lili Zhang's Variable Concrete Bench

Qiang Kang and Lili Zhang Spotlights The Variable Concrete Bench

Qiang Kang and Lili Zhang, the architect of the award winning project Concrete Bench by Qiang Kang and Lili Zhang explicates, The design idea is the endless exploration of unknown forms ,the design concept is that everything in the universe is der <Cropped>

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Visual Identity by Donvoan Bernini

Donvoan Bernini Reveals The Watson Vegan Truck Visual Identity

Donvoan Bernini, the designer of the awarded work Visual Identity:Watson Vegan Truck by Donvoan Bernini demonstrates, Watson Vegan Truck is a vegan food truck selling burgers on Swiss roads. Vegan products and burgers being extremely popular in recen <Cropped>

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Black Cant System by Shanwei Weng & Jiadie Yuan

Shanwei Weng & Jiadie Yuan Illustrates The Black Cant System Fashion Store

Shanwei Weng & Jiadie Yuan, the project leader of the displayed project Fashion store:Black Cant System by Shanwei Weng & Jiadie Yuan points out, Heike store locates on the second floor.Staircase in the middle of the store leads to a huge bla <Cropped>

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Art Installation by Daisuke Nagatomo

Daisuke Nagatomo Spotlights The Lightscape Pavilion Art Installation

Daisuke Nagatomo, the creator of the highlighted project Art Installation by Daisuke Nagatomo demonstrates, Treasure Hill in Taipei is an old settlement with a vision of an artist compound. The contrast between the new and the old, villagers and the <Cropped>

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Feather by Apiwat Chitapanya

Apiwat Chitapanya Spotlights The Feather Coffee and Side Table

Apiwat Chitapanya, the thinktank behind the awarded design Award Winning Feather Coffee and Side Table explicates, Feather Collection is the furniture art that has been inspired by the beauty of feather layer that overlapping together. Moreover, the <Cropped>

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