The Holy Ghost by Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang

Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang Discloses The The Holy Ghost Furniture

YI Chen & Muchen Zhang , the maker of the displayed work The Holy Ghost by YI Chen & Muchen Zhang illustrates, ious belief and mental experience as Christians in conceptualizing The Holy Ghost Chair. We are always grateful. The glow of the H <Cropped>

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Table by Alexander Novichkov & Svetlana Novichkova

Alexander Novichkov & Svetlana Novichkova Exhibits The 8 Pyramids Table

Alexander Novichkov & Svetlana Novichkova, the project leader of the award winning design Award Winning 8 pyramids Table spells out, Industrial design means use of modern technologies in the manufacture. Beauty and conciseness of mathematically c <Cropped>

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Cap Innovation Contest

Giflor and Desall Invite You to Design An Innovative Cap For Cosmetics, Personal Care and The Food Sector, Able to Offer a New User Product Design Contest On Giflor and Desall Invite You to Design An Innovative Cap For Cosmetics

Giflor and desall invite you to design an innovative cap for cosmetics, personal care and the food sector, able to offer a new user experience.New product design contest on giflor and desall invite you to design an innovative cap for cosm <Cropped>

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Basilisa-Armoire by Ito Kish

Ito Kish Demonstrates The Basilisa Armoire

Ito Kish, the designer of the awarded project Armoire by Ito Kish says, The Basilisa armoire showcases the solihiya, an intricate weave that is both functional and decorative. Functional because it strengthens and supports the object on which it is u <Cropped>

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Rolans Novikovs's Strabo Sofa

Rolans Novikovs Reveals The Strabo Sofa

Rolans Novikovs, the creator of the awarded design Sofa by Rolans Novikovs spells out, The Strabo Sofa has a very dynamic shape with a sense of motion, as if it is stretching and pulling it self in every direction. This appearance also makes it look <Cropped>

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Chris Knierim's Forest Lodge Eco House Eco House

Chris Knierim Reveals The Forest Lodge Eco House Eco House

Chris Knierim, the architect of the highlighted design ECO House:Forest Lodge ECO House by Chris Knierim says, As the surrounding properties reflected the history of the heritage area, this new house on a vacant block, added to that timeline, by not <Cropped>

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Teapotmug-Teapot by Sayoko Shibuya

Sayoko Shibuya Illustrates The Teapotmug Teapot

SAYOKO SHIBUYA, the creative mind behind the displayed project teapot by SAYOKO SHIBUYA illustrates, Inspired from the tea-loving commonality between Japanese and British cultures, this multi-purpose ‘mug teapot’ uses ceramic’s natural property <Cropped>

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Charging by Liu Yuxin

Liu Yuxin Spotlights The N Power Charging

Liu Yuxin, the maker of the displayed work Award Winning N Power Charging demonstrates, This charging post uses a streamlined design to reduce the damage caused by the right-angle design and has a unique shape. White PVC soft rubber is used on both s <Cropped>

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Shelf by Jie Luo

Jie Luo Demonstrates The The Dough Shelf

Jie Luo, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Award Winning The Dough Shelf demonstrates, It all begins with a cheap industry material called galvanized iron sheet. The unique way of adapting the flexibility and strength within the material cre <Cropped>

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2020 Annual International Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Submit Your Artwork On The Interpretation of Embracing Our Differences' Theme “enriching Lives Through Diversity.” Artists Possess a Powerful Tool to Evoke Social Change. Without Uttering a Single Word, They Can Enlighten, Educate and Effect C

Submit your artwork on the interpretation of embracing our differences' theme “enriching lives through diversity.” Artists possess a powerful tool to evoke social change. without uttering a single word, they can enlighten, educate and eff <Cropped>

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