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Wanda Mall

The project team would like to simulate natural conditions-soil, drainage, and irrigation by cooperating closely with architects, structural engineers, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing department. Through a network of primary, secondary and sub-drainage systems that meet the requirements of soil, irrigation design and quality control to simulate natural drainage and soil conditions. Although the project is located in the northwestern region of China, it would like to shows the characteristics of plants with distinct seasons.

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The Winnovation design project inspired by aesthetics of eastern cultural gardens, the overall layout of the base focuses on creating an axis that balances the space. Other than bringing in lots of multilevel plantings and utilizing features of the base, the design team also introduces an aquatic ecosystem into the base by creating a belt ecological pond.

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Forest of Art

The project is located at the junction of three parks, and there is a walkway to school in front of it, where is the corner space of the downtown area. An art country hidden in the city. The design core is inspired and elaborated from the fairy tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Accompanying the urban landscape, the indoor and outdoor scenes well interprets the artistic resentence with design and story.

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Zhonghai Tianyu Garden

The Zhonghai Tianyu Garden is located in the newly developed town center in the Hunnan District of Shenyang, China, about one kilometer away from the Shenyang Municipal Center and convenient to local transportation. It has been designed to integrate with the housing nearby, and provide more generous spaces for social, fitness, entertaining and other activities, as well as connect the clubhouse and terrace with the public lawns and water features.

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Play Garden for Yuecheng Kindergarten

Utilization of the open rooftop space made it possible to enhance the kindergarten's edutainment needs without sacrificing the preservation of the historic courtyard buildings and trees. The rubberized playground surface material cloaks the entire roof in varying hues of earth tones and provides a safe and comfortable surface on which the children can run, jump, fall, laugh, crawl and climb. The rich colors were derived from the vibrant pallet of colors that wrap the eves of the ancient Chinese buildings, further referencing the connection between the old and new.

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Shine Stars

The project is located on the ancient River bank of YangZhou, one of the ancient culture cities in China. The landscape design space that respecting traditional culture, and assimilated into future life. The Shine Stars was originally inspired by Yangzhou's moonlight , utilizing the characteristics of moon light, to keep the beauty of the moon stay in the garden. Despite inheriting traditional Chinese culture, the project propose to seek innovation in tradition. Interpret the charm of the ancient city with traditional cultural symbols combined with modern materials and design technique.

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