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Shang Yuan

The project adopts the layout and form of the Summer Palace to set a magnificent tone, and meanwhile adsorbs the distinctive liveliness of Jiangnan gardens. The overall layout draws on the dignified form of Summer Palace, while the details refer to delicate Jiangnan gardens. In this way, the design integrates the quintessence of gardens in north and south China and truly creates various scenes in every garden, which offers changing landscapes to the moving visitors. The project presents different views in each garden, combines landscape and functionality.

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Yunyang in Huanan

The water line has been turned on and shifts through the whole site plan, shifts the emphasis the water history culture of Dan yang from commercial to social connecting to the nature. The mirror water courtyard accessible public open space to variability of activities.The results to encourage visitors to have memorable through the enjoyment of the diverse community. Art sculptures light up the communal atmosphere. The experience of the integration of tradition and modernity, is shuttle in nature, a journey chasing the light.

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Royal Mansion

The project is located at the west of Suo River Park in Zhengzhou. The origin of Chinese ancient Poetry, consisting of enrich abundant ecological wet park. The landscape principle is to create beyond fantasy and romance landscape while echoes ancient romance of poetry traditional style. The journey begins with an initiatory of journey of woods exploration, followed by Bamboo plank road, terrazzo scenery wall, mirror installation. The rope platform, which inspires children to perceive more outdoor activities, creates an extraordinary environment for children to experience and explore nature.

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Flowing Paperscapes

The Paperscapes Memorial preserves the importance of Chunghsing Paper Mill, and to commemorate the victims of the air-raid during the World War II that occurred on site. This landscape was designed under the concept of papers; the delicate and flexible characteristic, transformed into waves of landscapes that continuously flow, directing the axis of the landscape, also depicting the uniqueness of papers, creating the Paperscapes. The memorial park was designed in a geometric array to echo the scars inflicted to humanity, gradually healing through the embracing waves of the Paperscapes.

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Feng Qi Wu Tong

Feng Qi Wu Tong integrates Su style and Tang Dynasty architecture with modern design contexts and construction techniques to build a fine community that meets the interests and needs of modern residents. The overall landscape of the model area adopts the form of one axis and three courtyards, with a central symmetry, creating a sense of ritual outside with Confucian rituals, and following the beauty of mood inside.

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Lilanz Creative Park

The design of the entire project is connected with geometric planting ponds to achieve overall unity with their own characteristics. Through these designs and sculptures, the design expresses the theme of ribbon, creating a high-quality, interactive commercial space. The overall bright and concise design style caters to the concise but not simple corporate culture and creates extraordinary landscape effects.

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