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Yunxi Mansion

Developed by Media and designed by Fealand, Yunxi Mansion creates a private literati garden for the community, where modern aesthetics meet the elegance of literati thousands of years ago, creating a journey of homecoming through time and space. Inspired by the Shuihui Garden which is famous for water flowing around the whole garden, the landscape design extends the elegant and literary atmosphere in the residential property. The Song Dynasty garden elements are integrated into the Yunxi Mansion in the form of cloud patterns, which are applied in paving, lamps, and column bases, implying an ex

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Hill Mansion

With the advantage of the local natural landscape, the project has good conditions for borrowing scenery in design. Inspired by the famous red maple scenery in Qixia, the design concept is to create a charming maple landscape to attract people and remain the poetry and happy time in life. Featured the undulating skyline created by plants, the design is combined with the surrounding natural environment, where the natural experience has no boundary.

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Cruise City

Drawing inspiration from the architectural forms and interesting natural environments, with the sea as the foundation, the river as the body, the boat as the shape, and the waves as the pattern, the design has found the best way of expression between the macro and the micro. The design pays attention to the spirit of the site, and the regional elements are incorporated through the design techniques of borrowing and matching the scenery throughout the entire project, from the local construction and materials to the integration of the community.

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Changdao One

The project is located on the lakeside, surrounded by gentle slopes, green areas and forests. However, the original site is long and narrow. After digging into the site characteristics and deeply discussing the situation, use the smooth curve to reverse the disadvantages of the space as an advantage, combined with the pure white wall to interpret the rich sensory experience under different turning spaces, and a dance journey into the depths of the canyon has started.

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Rizhao Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town

The client proposed to bring a natural but artistic atmosphere to the site. The project respects the original natural mountain atmosphere and the essence of the courtyard. It features three elements: The design of a pure cherry courtyard, elevated in the sky. A base of emerging curved textured walls made from local granite boulders form a strong image and blur the boundary of vertical wall and horizontal path. Winding roads covered in cherry blossom petals complete the impression of the forest valley.

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Guiyang New Community Park

The project provides a novel solution for the community park in Guiyang, China. A resilient design with a minimum of intervention that respects the site and highlights the local karst geography and former land use. As a result, the community park successfully integrates a program of leisure activities for the public with the preservation of karst landscape formations on the one hand and a waterfront design to support the dynamic hydrological processes on the other.

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