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Tangshan Guomaofu

Guomaofu not only has a cultural origin of imperial garden, but also has a modern concept of landscape. The core idea is to create a poetic and picturesque space, which injects oriental style into the design and spreads the context of Chinese traditional aesthetics. The design combines the new oriental garden landscape of water, stone, forest, pine, book, tea and music to form a unique landscape garden system. Creating a tourist, feasible, hopeful and livable landscape, as if through a thousand years, reproducing the wind of leisurely and natural life.

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Nanhua Glimmer

The site for Nanhua Glimmer locates in Pingtung, Taiwan. The school campus has transformed into the landscape park for the community and the elderly. The campus celebrates the regional nature features and translates them into geometric forms. The selected variety of plants within the campus presents an ecological education opportunity for the public. The mist and glimmer resemble the collective memory of the locals at nights, creating radiances around the street lights afar. The recreated misty scene brings up the visual memories of gazing afar towards the mountain covered in mist and clouds.

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Majestic Land

The landscape, architecture and the surrounding mountains are integrated, creating a wild but not quiet, extravagant but not floating secluded mountain residence for future owners. Unconsciously, people can naturally thinking of Mr. Xu Zhimo's living in the Cold Emerald Mountain. It has describe as only when you wonder alone, you will figure out what is happiness of the soul. During the sunshine and breeze wind, your situation become clear, your life is without obstacles.

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Tiger Glen Garden

The Tiger Glen Garden is a contemplation garden built in the new wing of the Johnson Museum of Art. It is inspired by a Chinese parable, called the Three Laughers of the Tiger Glen, in which three men overcome their sectarian differences to find a unity of friendship. The garden was designed in an austere style called karesansui in Japanese in which an image of nature is created with an arrangement of stones.

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Baobab Garden

Baobab Garden is a garden conceived between two cultures, the Asian through its garden and the bamboo, and Africa through a symbolic baobab. These two inspirations become entangled to form only one. At the heart of this nature emerges the spirit of the Forest the Baobab. Today, there are only relics of forest completely constituted by Baobab where reigned vast forests. The oppression of the man on forests was never as so strong as it is today, in our eyes of European and by this insight I wanted to restore a little of wisdom into this world.

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Brieven Piazza

The inspiration behind this design is the affection for the simplicity and insight of Mondrian abstraction and symbolism with a touch of character and authenticity denoted in the historic Square Kufic calligraphy. This design is a manifestation of coherent fusion between styles advocating the message that there is a possibility of mixing different seemingly contradictory style regarding the naked eye observation while when digging deep into the philosophy behind them there would be similarities that would result in a coherent artwork that is appealing beyond obvious comprehension.

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