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Shinsun Majestic Mansion

The landscape design of Shinsun Majestic Mansion intends to improve a diversified social experience, to build a living space with various activities, and to create an ecological, natural and cultural living conditions to enhance project value. The project uses restrained design language, blank space and reasonable layout to naturally present the modern and simple landscapes and it has won unanimous recognition from customers and the market.

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Pan'an Wetland

Pan'an Wetland Park design takes water as the core, pays attention to the possibility of wetland landscape infiltrating culture, life, and natural attributes, and constructs a spatial functional system serving contemporary urban and rural cultural life. Foresighted use of the collapse to form a vast water surface, through the use of plants to conserve water and purify the soil, after 8 years of landscape restoration process, not only reappearing farming civilization, but also connects modern urban life and Promoted the revitalization of surrounding villages and urban transformation.

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Willow Shores

Through modern design language and cultural symbols of classical gardens, this case arranges and combines the natural elements of plants, rocks and waterscape, and interprets the artistic conception of ancient Suzhou with contemporary techniques and modern materials. In order to combine the site characteristics with the sense of returning home ceremony, the whole space structure is divided into five levels. Through the carding of all spaces, visitors can experience the different mood of shuttling between traditional and modern in every turn.

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The design of the Mercury hotel garden was taken from the world under the sea such as corals which are the first thing that appears in your eyes while your fit touches the Persian gulf water on the beach around Kish Island. At night, the lighting of the coral garden reminds the experience of walking on the beach with the view of bioluminescence coastal creatures that are found in the sea line of the Persian Gulf. This 5-star hotel has been one of the most important constructions in Kish Island since 2019, which is located on the coral coast of Kish Island.

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The concept was inspired by the fluidity of the water and the stunning local nature. It will be a park that in addition to the wave pool will have a gastronomic village, numerous bistros and restaurants, a complete sports area, a resort with incredible spaces, all inserted in a well-crafted landscape atmosphere, using native species and taking the issue of sustainability very seriously. A space of high spirits to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Cloud Mansion

The designer has captured the most intuitive characteristics of clouds: lightness, cleanliness, a sense of floating, and permeability. The designer has compared the textures and colours of various materials, looking for commonalities between the artificial materials and the natural environment in the above characteristics, to create a site that is quiet and light in terms of spatial temperament. The designer has sacrificed a certain degree of commercial openness in exchange for the integrity and independence of the site's atmosphere.

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